New Look { A LOT of Change }

February 26, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Do you ever have those times in life when you think things will never change.  Yes, me too!  I thought for so long that I would always be a full time photographer and never have kids.  I hoped that Colton and I would be able to start a family someday, but it always seemed like it was never going to happen. I also thought that Colton would always be an over-the-road truck driver.  I prayed for an opportunity for him to still do what he loves, but to be closer to home.  It felt like that would never happen either. 

Well, let me tell you something.  When change comes, it seems like it comes all at once, when you least expect it and it's big!  At least that's how it has been for us. 

Change #1 My Career - Last Spring when Colton's cousin (Brandon) purchased an aerial application business (Western Ag Aviation, Inc.), I mentioned to him that I'd love to help with the office work if he needed someone to do invoicing and paperwork.  My degree is in Ag Business and I've always wanted to get back into working in the agriculture industry.  He accepted my offer and hired me to do the invoicing for the summer.  This was a flexible part time job that allowed me to still do photography pretty much full time so it worked out well.  As the summer went on, I realized my love for the job and fell a little out of love with photography.  Brandon mentioned that he may need a full-time person for the next year and I quickly agreed.  I started clearing my photography schedule and cutting back so I can work more hours at Western Ag.  I even moved out of my photography studio.  I will still be doing 2-4 photography sessions a month and a few small, intimate weddings when time allows.  The sessions that I do will be either lifestyle in-home or outdoor natural light sessions for children or families.  I will also continue my Young Living Essential Oils business in my free time.  

Change #2 Colton's Career - While working at Western Ag last summer, Colton & I started talking and he mentioned that he'd like to get back to custom spraying.  He use to do this before we got married, but then went full time with the trucking business when we got hitched.  We asked Brandon if he saw a need for a ground rig with the business and he said, "Yes, for sure".  Colton & I started pursuing the possiblity of purchasing a ground rig to run under Western Ag.  Long story short - after a ton of work and stress, we signed the papers and officially bought a rig.  Now, Colton will custom spray for farmers during the busy season and when weather allows.  If he's not spraying, he will be trucking.  We are so excited and thankful for this opportunity for him to be closer to home and working with more of our local farmers.  

Change #3 A Baby on the way - YES, not long after signing papers on the spraying business and not long after I decided to get my evenings and weekends back (thanks, photography), we found out we are expecting!! This was a total shock because even though we've been praying for this for 5 years, it was another one of those things that seemed like it would never happen.  I'm currently 20 weeks along and feeling our little BOY kick as I type. We are so excited to finally be parents! you can see, Colton and I are really changing things up! I am working on transitioning into this new schedule and work life.  As I do that, I am revamping how my whole business is structured.  I use to keep everything separate (personal life, photography, oils, trucker wife life, etc.), but now I am combining everything to simplify my workflow and be able to keep up on posts.  I knew one of the main things I needed to change in order to do this was my website.  It is now! It is still a work in progress and I will be adding a ton of content in the future, but it's a one stop shop now.  Whether you are interested in my photography, Young Living Oils, Infertility/Pregnancy, life in the country, etc., you can come here! I'll be sharing tons about all those topics and more! If you are a past client, please shoot me an e-mail if you are trying to view your photos.  I'll send you the new link! 

Once again, thank you ALL so much for all the support and love you've shown Colton and I throughout the years of business and life! We are so grateful for everything going on in our lives right now and can't wait to share more with you! If you have any blog post topics or things you'd like me to write about, feel free to comment them below or shoot me an e-mail! ♥


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